Sara Levinson - MAS

Cray Cray Promos


I like to wake up every day and hope that I can contribute to this world in some way, shape, or form.  When my kids were younger, I was a professional volunteer at their services, now that they have grown, I can choose where to spend my time.  But spending my time to give back is a way of life, something that has always been a part of our family.  I learned as a young kid that giving a little of me can go a long way for someone else, and it was my responsibility to find a way to do as much as I could.

Chris Bloomer

Springboard promotions (d)


My journey with the SAAGNY Foundation began off a recommendation from a previous board member. While I was not as knowledgeable back then about the foundation as I am today, I decided to attend an event that was being held for kids with carnival games along with arts and crafts at Hilltop School. Once the day of activities was over, I saw the good that the SAAGNY Foundation does for its community and was fully committed at that point. Fast forward 3 years now and I am happy to be serving as Vice Chair for this wonderful foundation along with the other amazing Do-Gooders that serve on this board.

Lynn Millinger - CAS

Sonoma Group (d)


Did you know that there is a camp in NJ exclusively for young cancer patients and their families? I didn’t but I learned all about it when I joined the SAAGNY Foundation Volunteers at Happiness is Camping. This is just one of the programs I have participated in through the Foundation, and each event has been the most exhausting and fulfilling days of my year. I joined the Foundation Board in 2020, when the entire world was about to change. This year, we are finally planning programs that were put on hiatus and the Foundation is growing stronger! I think the Promotional Products industry is unique. I join my friends, some suppliers, and some distributors at the Foundation events. In most other industries, the distributors might be considered my competition for business. In Promo, we work together, we help each other and through The Foundation we help many people who are in true need of assistance.

Paul Steinberg

HALO (d)


A great charitable foundation is passionate about providing for their community and I am proud to be a part of that community and on the Board of the SAAGNY Foundation as we advance causes dear to our hearts that impact those in our industry and those we help along the way. The SAAGNY Foundation Scholarship Fund alone has awarded over $200,000 in scholarship to dependents of our members.

Nancy Bercovitz

Bag makers (s)


After spending 7 years on the NEPPA board I decided that I wanted to continue to expand my horizons and what better way than to volunteer on the SAAGNY Foundation Board. Thought it was time to give NY&NJ some love! I have always felt that it is better to give than to receive and to give my time to help raise funds for scholarships and children with cancer, along with helping with homeless shelters, food pantries and more is so heartwarming and rewarding. We are always looking for volunteers so please reach out to me personally to get started on a committee to help make a positive impact in the community and work with like-minded professionals.  

Randi Goldberg - MAS

clearly branded (D)


Having been involved with various charitable organizations for as long as I can remember, when I was asked to join the SAAGNY Foundation, it was a no-brainer. Running a promotional products business and getting involved in the organization that gives back to our community – a perfect match!

Neil Kirschner

saagny foundation board


I joined the SAAGNY Foundation as a way to give back to an industry that has helped me and my family for many years. I like so many others in our industry didn’t know that SAAGNY had another side. For many years I had volunteered in other organizations, both charitable and social, most notably as President of my local Men’s Club. 

Getting involved with the SAAGNY Foundation is something you do with your heart. With all the rewards you can get from doing business in our industry the one reward that doesn’t have a price tag is giving back to those who aren’t as fortunate. The Foundation has a mission to be the arm of our regional association that gives to our members as well as to the greater good of the areas we work in. It isn’t easy to explain the feeling you can get when you work with a child with an ailment or disability  who can forget their problems for just a day. The Foundation members are a group of volunteers who care, who give of themselves. 

Though I have been retired, traveling the world with my wife Sue, enjoying watching my grandchildren grow and watching many of their sporting events, I have not stepped away from my enthusiasm in watching our Foundation flourish

Zach LeBlanc



Everybody has the capacity to give a little bit. Through partnership and through empathy, the SAAGNY Foundation is focused on making a compassionate effort to take care of our community and each other. I feel honored to have been asked to be a part of the SAAGNY Foundation Board, and I can’t think of a more noble and worthy venture than giving back to my community.

Michael Newman

Starline (s)


I’m my nieces’ favorite uncle and also have a 5 star passenger uber rating, so I guess you can say I have my life together. Recently, I started taking vitamin D3 supplements, so everything is about to change. I joined the SAAGNY Foundation because for a long time, I wanted to do charity work, but always found myself never actually going through with it. Then I learned that in my industry, in my region, there is an entire organization dedicated to charity work! I decided no more excuses and I took the leap to get involved and never looked back.

Chim Olisemeka

saagny foundation board


l joined the SAAGNY Foundation board during my time as an Outside Sales Rep at alphabroder. The Foundation had always made a presence at a regional trade show that I attended and some of my most loyal customers always spoke so highly of SAAGNY due to the networking opportunities. Though I am no longer in the industry, I still have an interest with helping others and doing something for other than myself. When I am not working, I love watching and playing sports; especially going to Yankee games, I also enjoy making a home cooked meal and of course going out to eat as well. Spending time with family (youngest of 6) and friends is something that I would never miss the opportunity to when it presents itself.

Ken Rode

Cutter & Buck, Agua (mlr)


Multi Line Rep with CB Corporate Sales – Representing Cutter & Buck, Clique , Ahead, AGUA, Chao Cards, ELIQS and baloo living in the NY, NJ and PA markets. Currently serving as a Board of Trustee Member of the SAAGNY Foundation.  This is the charitable arm of SAAGNY.  With over 20 years industry experience and having served on the SAAGNY Board in the past I felt it was time to give back and help others that are part of our industry give back. Expect a call from me in the future!  Giving is better than receiving!